My Passion

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What do you think is your passion?
Why do you say this is your passion, as it may be manifested in your personality, personal history and lineage?
I started drawing when I was in Grade 1 and from thereon I feel excited and inspired every time there is an opportunity for me to create an artwork. My mother said I got this art skill from my father side. I remember I could plunge into drawing or coloring for hours till morning, my mother was so concerned that I was not sleeping until I finished my art piece. I have grown up, priorities have changed since that time but my patience on doing details over my drawing or painting is still the same.
Art is my passion, it helps me express myself and feel great in every art work I made. I have always loved art since I was very young. Usually when I draw or paint, I get a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction during the process and imagine how I could inspire the one who would see my drawing or painting.
I am lucky to have art as my talent, I know this is a God given skill that has to be practiced and shared with others. I push myself to improve my art skills by joining art competition, look and study the pieces of art by great masters or national artists, paying attention on traces of strokes. Practice and perfection is my dictum in reaching my goals in art world, every piece is a step to my art journey.
What’s my mission, and how I could help other through my art? I’ve been wishing that I could help others, especially unfortunate kids to unlock and discover their potential in arts. My drive in exploring and improving my skills will be more meaningful if I could be an instrument for them to give them a chance to explore the world of art and earn praises from different class of people. Teach, organize competition, rewards, exhibits are some thoughts I could think of to reach my goals for them.
I believe my

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