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Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Kris Saintvilus
Mr. Swoop
Unit 6 Assignment 1 Group design scenario

Dear Junior Admin,
I received your E-mail and in response I recommend that you do the following. Since there is a domain for each department, such as Marketing, accessing one printer is rather easy. To start off you will need to create a group that allows access to the one printer within each department in your company. After creating each group you must then assign it to a domain local group, global group and then to a universal group. Then you will need to add it to the marketing domain local group.

For HR, you will need to take all of the users within the forest and add them to a global then universal group. Proceed to take the universal group and add it to the domain local group within their domain. These users will then have access to whatever is in that universal group, therefore you must make sure that you assign the printer for them to print vacation requests to the HR department.

You must take a slightly different approach for R&D. To allow access to only the server, you must first create a domain local group that has some administrative rights. Add them to a customized admins group that you have control of. You can assign these rights and permissions as you create and assign them. Remember to limit their access to their local machines only. You can do all of this through the desktop local user account settings. You may also take a different route if you choose to. This is one of the approaches you may take. If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me again.

IT Admin
Fernando Gomez Cabral
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