My Opinion on the Ease of Computer

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We are living in the world of innovation. In the late twenty century, computer innovation has influenced our lives both positive and negative ways. It appears to me that computers most likely help me to improve my productivity, provide me a better communication, and entertain me to the point where I have never experienced before this innovation.

A software such as Microsoft Word can help me to do my assignment faster with a better arrangement than I do it by writing on paper. Microsoft Word helps me to correct my mistake with ease and to rearrange the format in the way I want it to be. I used to use a paperback dictionary to check my English words. In doing so, I have to spend an average time of at least 20 seconds while I can check them on my computer dictionary in less than 10 seconds. I can also do a better presentation by using PowerPoint software as my visual aid. By using PowerPoint in my presentation, I can see clearly what I talk about and it also help my audience to understand my point better. Based on these experiences, I believe that computers help me a lot in improving my productivity both at house, school and work place.

I believe that my communication with other people today is far better than in the past. I uses to spend a lot of money in oder to talk with my brother abroad, but internet has help me to use computer talking with my brother in a better price and more convenient way. I can also share my pictures with people all around the world by using Facebook social network. I can also share my ideas by chatting with my friends wether as individually or as a group. After all, I has a better relationship, more friends and more ideas.

With our great technology today, I can download musics whenever I want and whatever I like. In stead of using cassette players and VCR players, I use my computer as a player and a storage of my musics and video. Moreover, I can play good games which I have installed in my computer during my spare time....
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