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Topics: Richard I of England, John of England, Richard II of England Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Why was the Tower of London important in the Plantagenet period 1154-1399? The Tower of London was important a fortress, it was made to keep enemies out and allies in, a fake third floor was made to make the Tower look more menacing and frighten the enemies to stop them trying to get into the tower, the Tower also had a lot of other defences for example batters, these were used so enemies couldn’t dig their way into the tower and also to drop things such as bricks and cannonballs which would bounce off the batters and hit the enemies, the Tower had sell slits which would allow archers to shoot out of but it was very difficult for the enemies to hit the archers in the tower, the slits would also hold cannons to shoot at enemies and again enemies would find it extremely difficult to shoot through. The Tower of London was important as a refuge/residence as Henry III was a refuge, he had to flee to escape for the nobles and therefore stayed and the Tower of London knowing that no one would be able to get in, he change the fake windows into real windows and his order was to fit to fit wooden panelling in the queens chamber without delay, to paint the chamber white and paint roses in it, whitewash the great chamber in the tower and paint it again and also to repair everything that was broken in the tower, this was to try and make the Tower more homely as it became a residence for king Henry III and his wife who both had their own towers. In the Plantagenet period, the Tower was known as a symbol of royal power, it housed members of the royal family and others close to them for example advisers, and this is the reason that the peasants attacked it in 1381. Thomas if Walsinghams states that the peasants “burned down houses and attacked the Tower of London” where they demanded to the king to give them the archbishop of Sudbury and others who the peasants thought of as traitors, and the king simply agreed knowing that he would be killed if he did not hand them over....
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