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Topics: Jury, Indictment, Grand jury Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: May 17, 2015
Michelle To
Eng 2 H/ Per. 3
December 10, 2014
My Opinion On Ferguson
I do not know much about the Mike Brown incident that happened in Ferguson, Missouri. All I am familiar with are the basic details of the shooting. Mike Brown, a recent high school graduate, was walking down the street with a friend when he was shot to death by a Ferguson police officer named, Darren Wilson. His friend that was a few feet away from him had a different testimony from the police department and other witnesses who saw this brawl, which completely confused me. I did not know who to believe, so I read and watched multiple news stations that had different viewpoints to get all the information I could. The grand jury, made up of nine white people and three black people, chose not to indict Darren Wilson, which fueled many people across the country. The indictment required nine of the twelve grand jurors to agree with the decision. After reading many public evidence records, police reports, and medical examinations, I believe that Darren Wilson should have been indicted. Everything from Wilson’s testimony, Ferguson police department’s multiple public statements, the replicas of the crime scene cannot comprehend in my head. In Fullerton, California a similar case occurred. Kelly Thomas, a white homeless disabled man, was beaten to death for trying to break into cars by two police officers. Thomas repeatedly begged for his life, but the officers did not stop. The two police officers were not found guilty. I believe that Kelly Thomas was not mentioned throughout the problems in Ferguson, because no one knew about this event. It was never broadcasted for the whole country to see, but only for certain news channels of the country that found this important enough to report about it. Many news channels are biased. Some news channels make it seem as if they are on one side of the situation and make the other side look worse than the one there are supporting. For example,...
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