My Ojt Experience

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The On-the-Job Training is one of the most important parts of any course in college. This is the time where all the skills and knowledge the students gained in their respective universities or colleges are being applied in a real working environment and might also be the start of the career that the students want to pursue after graduation. Most people say that students should find the best company or industry where they can render their training hours because there is a huge percentage that they might end up working in that company after they graduate. So that was my goal at first but then I had a realization that I should not just apply in the best companies in Metro Manila but should also take into consideration what that company might help me to further enhance the skills that I already have and what skills I could contribute to the company as well.

My application started in May 2013. My friends and I tried to apply in some of the companies in Makati, Pasig and Quezon City. All of those companies are IT related so we could apply what we learned. The goal at first was for us five to have our training in just one company so we all could be together and could have the same schedule. There were rejections and successful applications but then there was none of those companies that hired the five of us at the same time which made us realized that our goal was not possible to happen. So we decided to take our chances separately.

In June 7, 2013, I went to Quezon City to apply alone. I had a very positive feeling on that day and my eagerness to start my training added in that feeling. I had my list of the companies in that area and the first in the list is the TELUS International Philippines, Inc. which is a BPO company in Araneta Center, Cubao.
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