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Topics: Leadership, Success, Work Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: June 23, 2013
D.Cite at least one example of when your leadership had an impact on or changed a certain situation, and justify how an IE Master’s Degree program would help you to strengthen or improve this competence (400-600 words)

The first project I was put in charge of was a small part of a larger project that dealt with analyzing the IT applications portfolio of a utility company. Our small team included myself and a newly hired analyst with little professional experience. As this was my first opportunity to demonstrate my reliability in a leadership role, I was concerned about the project running smoothly through all of its phases. During the planning, which I shared with my direct supervisor, I allotted tasks effectively by considering the experience of both members of our team. However, in the operative phase, I acted too proactively over my younger team member. As I was very focused on obtaining an outstanding assessment, when my younger colleague had problems developing issues or could not understand aspects of the work, instead of explaining the theory and methodology beyond particular issues, I preferred taking over his work, thinking I could do it better and faster. As a result, my colleague became frustrated with the work and resigned after a couple of months. I was disappointed by his departure, because I considered him to have strong potential. Reviewing the notes he had left behind, I noticed that during our time together he had provided some powerful insights which I had underestimated. However, it was too late. My leadership had had a bad impact and I had to finish all the activities myself, with the risk of reducing the quality of the work. This experience served as input for future assignments and helped to shape what my weaknesses were and what I could do to become a better leader. Now when I work with younger colleagues, I support and leverage their potential by involving them in tasks beyond the skills required of young professionals. Recently, I...
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