My Narrative Essay Final Draft

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Spataro 1
Melayne Spataro
Professor Connor
English Composition 1101
Feb. 5th, 2015
Social Beauty
“You’re so beautiful.” My best friend, Nicole, just told me after telling her everything. “I just wish you could see it though, but I will be here with you the whole way. I will help you find the help that you need.”

“Nicole, you just don’t get it. Once those thoughts get into your head it’s very hard to push them out and ignore them. And that’s why I came to you because I can’t do this on my own and I needed to tell someone because I know I can trust you.” I replied.

I had just spilled this long story of how I couldn’t keep living life with my eating disorder and if I didn’t get help, this disease would probably end up killing me. I just had to tell someone because I knew that I just couldn’t keep living like this and it was destroying my relationships with the ones I love the most. Everyone who loved me had started to begin to worry about me and how my life had changed since my eating disorder had started taking control of my life, but they just didn’t know how to approach it. I was with this guy who had eventually in our relationship starting putting me down and calling me names such as ugly and fat and that I needed to lose weight, that no one loves me, that no one will ever want me and that I’m just a Spataro 2

worthless person and that’s when the eating disorder started. The relationship just kept getting worse and that’s when the eating disorder really started taking control of my life and so I just decided that it was better for me to leave the relationship then to stay and just put up with all of the negative things. And after I left the relationship is when I decided that I needed to get help but didn’t know who to tell or were to go until I realized I had one person that I knew wouldn’t judge me, Nicole. She had been there for me before when things had happened and I knew that things were not changing now.

Once I started dating my now...
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