My Name Is Khan - Setting

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Told in flashback, the actual story opens in Borivali, a suburban area located in the north-west section of Mumbai island of Maharashtra, India on the time of the Hindu-Muslim riot in 1893. Young Rizvan Khan spent most of his time in their house with his Muslim mom and brother. Their house was nothing special compared to any other houses is the area. They had stairs and wood for walls. He also spends time in his mentor’s house who taught him things in books and about life. After the death of his mother, Khan was sponsored by this brother to live with him and his wife in beautiful San Francisco, California. He was given a job selling beauty products. This part of the movie was mostly spent in wonderful streets and a salon where he met a single Hindu mother, Mandira, with a young son, Sameer. They got married and settled down in the fictional town of Banville.   In Banville, they live next door to the Garrick family. Sameer is close to their young son, Reese while Mark is a reporter and Sarah is a friend of Mandira. Sam and Reese go to school together and love soccer. Everything seems to go well until anti-Muslim bigotry after 9/11 causes a family tragedy. Sam was beat to death in the middle of the community soccer field. No one was there but Reese and the guys who beat him. Rizvan and Mandira’s scene that marked the beginning of Rizvan’s heart-rending quest to see President Bush was in the same place where Sam was killed. It was just the both of them in the field under a sky that’s like a canvas painted with charcoal with silver specks.  After that, at December of 2007, he sets out on a journey that takes him from one US state to another. During this quest, he travels to Wilhemina, Georgia and befriends a group of African-American Christians including Mama Jenny and her son, Joel. They lived in a rural community with a country/farm-like setting. The town, according to Rizvan, has 204 people and 754 cows. They had a small church where Rizvan shared his story about...
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