My Name Is Khan Reaction Paper

Topics: Islam, Religion, September 11 attacks Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: October 12, 2012
1. There are several themes portrayed in the film provide at least three defined each answer.

There are three themes in the film that captured my attention. First, is the struggle of Muslim in America after the September 11th attack, I saw how Other Muslims suffered in America even those Muslims are innocent and not belong to the group of terrorist that attract the world trade center. I saw how Americans backlash against Muslim for they think that all Muslim are the same they will kill for the sake of their lord. Second, is the religion this film is not only for Islam-Hindu this is for all religions in the world it just opens our mind that even though we have different beliefs we must respect each other and don’t judge each other’s belief like what mother of Khan said “there are only two kind of people in this world, good people who good deeds and bad people who do bad”. Lastly is the theme that all about family, family of Rizvan with his mother and brother and his own family together with Mandira it shows that despite of disability of Khan there’s always his family who loves him and take care of him, his love for Mandira is extraordinary he shows it not by doing things that can make Mandira happy but he shows it verbally. Khan is also despised by his brother but in the end his brother shows his love for Khan.

2. How do you characterize Mandira? Do you agree with her reactions, why or why not?

Mandira is a good person, a good mother to her son. She doesn’t care for what other people think when she marries Khan even Khan has Asperger’s syndrome and they have their religion. In the story where Mandira get mad to Khan, I don’t agree with her reaction when she blames their struggles on the last name “khan” because everything that happens to her family is not the fault of Khan and Khan doesn’t know what is happening. For me, it is not right that Mandira blame khan for what had happens to them for it is her decision to marry Khan so whatever happens to them...
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