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Topics: Personal name, Nickname, English-language films Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: October 23, 2008
Daniel J. Holmes
Professor S. Sanders
English 101: TTH 4:30
21 October 2008
The Evolution of My Name and Its Purpose to My Identity
Names are one of the most important qualities a person retains during their life on earth, and their time in society. The way a person’s name originates, usually has unique story of how it originated. After living in society for a couple years, people may attain nicknames. The way a person is nicknamed or named by other people, depends on who they are, and what kind of relationship the person has with that person. Also a person’s name is a mark of identity of who that person actually is, and what roles they have accomplished in society. The name I was originally given at birth holds a real special place in my heart, because it originated from my family history; and I love my whole family. My first and second names both originated from my mom’s side of the family. Daniel my first name, originated from my grandfather’s and uncle’s names. My grandfather was named Dan, and he named his son that is my uncle after himself Dan. My mother loved both my grandfather and uncle so much; she decided to name me after them. Though my first name is not Dan, the name Daniel did originate from the name Dan. My second Jordan also came from mother’s side of the family. Jordan was my mom’s maiden name. When I was born my mom really wanted me to have a part of her original name in my name. So she decided to use her maiden name Jordan for my second name. My last name Holmes is the only name that originated from my father’s side of my family. Holmes is my dad’s last name, and when he married my mom her last name changed from Jordan to Holmes. Thus, when I was born I was automatically given the last name Holmes.

Over the years that I have lived in and experienced society, I have developed nicknames people might prefer to call me by. The nicknames that I have been given have come from a variety of people in my life. The name I am...
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