my mother never worked and only daughter

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My Mother Never Worked
In this essay the words that are significant to getting the authors point across would be Never Worked. The connatative meaning means that her mother never had a job were she received a monetary pay. The denotative meaning is that her mother, in fact worked very hard every day of her life, taking care of her children, home and farm. I like the title of the essay it shows the irony of what many people believe stay at home mothers do, and the actual hard work that they do. The authors main goal is to show what a hardworking woman her mother was. The essay was published in Ms. magazine along with other womens magazine and I believe that is what her target audience is. I believe the author wrote this essay for her mother and all stay at home mothers who devout their lives to their families. I think the author got her message across that her mother was a very hard working woman. The details of all the work her mother did every day really spoke to me. What a hard working woman she was. An excerpt of the essay that really stood out from this essay is "at the rehabilitation institute , were they gave her physical therapy and trained her to live usefully in a wheelchair, the therapists told me:" She did fifteen pushups today-fifteen! She's almost seventy five years old! I've never know a woman so strong!" This piece spoke to me because she's an elderly lady with such a strong work ethic. She is still working hard and you can tell she's had to work her whole life. The therapists reaction really hit home for me, and in spite of her hard work she actually never gets thought of as hardworking except by her kids.

Only Daughter
In this essay the words that are significant in the titles essay is Only.The connatative meaning is that she was the only girl out of seven children. The denotative meaning was that she felt lesser than her brothers because he was only a girl. I think the essay's title is good, only daughter describes the connatative and...
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