My Mother Angel

Topics: God, Debut albums, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: January 12, 2011
When God set the world in place, and hung the stars up in space, when He made the land and the sea, then He made you and me. He sat back and saw all was good, and saw things were they should be. Then he decided that he needed to create an angel in disguise and he would name her mother but whatever for?? He knew that she would be there to teach and guide me. One who can see through my smile to know I am hurting. Who will do just about anything to see me happy, by standing quietly by my side, giving me the strength I need, encouraging me to succeed. She is someone I can lean on to at times of trouble. One whose fervent prayers have kept me safe from harm or sickness. She steers me from wrong, and leads me towards right. She has instilled in me the values of family life. And taught me to be a caring person. She taught me not to judge any person because of his race or religion. Always to be polite was another virtue she instilled upon me. My angel on earth was sent from above, God does not pay her in wages, but with eternal love. She has been my confidante, my rock, my protector. And when God says her job is through, I know I won't forget her. She need not a halo, or silken wings of grace, For the glory of God's love shines upon her face. She is Gods gift to me and could not be replaced by anyone else.She always called me her little angel but I call her my guardian angel for making me what I am. Hereby, I end my talk on my mother my angel with a quotation stated by Abraham Lincoln, which states "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."
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