My Most Unforgettable Person

Topics: English-language films, Family, Sibling Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: January 14, 2011
e is a chubby girl.She isn't a normal child, she is a special child, but she looks like a normal child.The only thing was she can't communicate very well.she have a sweet smile where it makes a lot of adults liked her,including myself.

she was just 7 years old on the year 2002. she was my little sister, her name was Michelle . she is well known in the morning market because everyday my mom brings her go to buy veges.

I am always with her after she is borned, the day that i met her on the day she is borned. She is borned with a symptom, i don't really know what was the name of it.

She is always being adorable, cute and well mannered, she greets every older than her even she doesn't know the person. because she was being liked by a lot of peoples, sometimes i even jealous of her, but not for long.

On year 2002 february, she was admitted to the hospital due to sickness, and then more continuous sickness coming, it started with stomach ache , the 1st day of the admittion, she was sent to the kid's ward, someday after, more sickness continued to come, then she was admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU), there were many many of visitors came to visits her.

after a few days in ICU, she was in a comma condition. During that time, many of church members, even other church's members even came to pray for her.Many of our relatives came to visit everyday. everyone that knew her have worried for her.

after a few days of comma, her condition became normal back, and everybody was happy about it, but she is still wearing a oxygen mask. she drew and write after she awakes. but few days after her condition back to normal, her condition suddenly became much more serious.And all the peoples were starting to get worried again. i were outside of the room, whole day crying that i cant help a thing.

On a night, her condition suddenly became more critical, my parents were told to stay in the hospital to look for her. and i have gone to my aunt house.she left...
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