My Most Interesting Job

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My Most Interesting Job
John Myszkowski
Everest online
Composition I – ENC 1101-111

I brain stormed by making a list of different things that I experienced in my life. This list is varied but not too long. I tried to keep the list positive. I had a lot of fun and interesting experiences to pick from. Some of the most fun ones I am saving for later.

My subject is my most interesting job. My most interesting job was when I worked for Control Data Corporation. I was a customer engineer; I was assigned to a customer site which had the responsibility for supporting several other customer sites. I was supporting their mainframe computer systems, and their terminals and mini computers and any other equipment that they supplied to the customer. Every year that I worked for them I went to training classes to learn about a new piece of equipment. They stayed on the cutting edge of computer technology with new innovations. They were the first computer company to design and build the first super computers and market it. Then the people at the top who were suppose to know what they were doing made a major mistake that started the down fall of the company. And you can guess the rest.

But one of the most interesting incidents that happened in my time at Control Data was the night that I spent tracking down an intermittent compare move problem in one of Cyber A’s CPU’s. Cyber A had dual scalar processors. A compare move unit was a special unit that compared fields of data and then moved them as dictated by the instruction. The instruction was a 60 bit instruction for a simple compare or move instruction but if it was a compare move collates it could be a 120 bit instruction. And you had to know what every bit in that instruction did. These instructions could be extremely difficult to diagnose when something went wrong. Because you had to know which one of the instructions was failing and you hoped for the easiest one to be failing instruction. In the test...
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