My Most Important Decision

Topics: Mind, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: October 31, 2010
My Most Important Decision
On November 19th 2005, a day after having surgery, I was diagnosed with sqamous cell carcinoma cancer. I would compare receiving the news to going to the dentist and being numbed. However, this numbed my whole body. For twenty minutes I rushed through all kinds of thoughts and emotions – shock, anger, why me, sadness.

After the twenty minutes, I made a big decision. I decided to live. I decided that all of the emotions and thoughts I was experiencing were not supporting me. I decided right then and there to switch my mind and all actions to that of support and complete cure. At that moment I was cured.

On January 31st 2006 I received my thirty-third and final daily radiation treatment. I am now cancer free. I did not need the doctor to declare that for me, I had already made that decision from the day of diagnosis. I had even told my doctor that at my first appointment. 

My whole life I have believed in the power of the mind. The ability to create your outer life from thoughts and emotions from within are undeniable. Nothing is as powerful as your personal philosophy in life. The good news is that your personal philosophy is simply decided by you and your own free will.

In my lifetime, I have been both poor and rich. I have had both sad and happy times. I have lived through tragedies and triumphs. One thing that has never wavered has been my mental approach to whatever has come towards me. Nothing can create wealth and abundance in any segment of a person’s life more than their attitudes and thoughts. 

I have seen materially rich people with great poverty of mind and I have seen people in great struggles with an attitude of abundance. Wealth and possessions can flee in an instant but nothing or nobody can take away your mind and your choice of thought.

Whenever friends or relatives would begin to discuss my disease, they would focus on how it was so unfair especially since I am a lifetime non-smoker. Ninety-nine...
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