My Most Favorite Childhood Memory

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My most favorite childhood memory took place during my first thru sixth grade school years. During those years, the elementary school I attended held and annual fundraiser of selling World’s Finest Chocolate Bars. There were selling competitions between each class involved, as well as between individual students. My goal was to be the top seller among all students that participated. I was able to achieve that goal every year. The way I achieved that goal was with the help of my grandfather, who was handicapped, and my self-determination to be the winner.

When I first began selling, he would drive me around to places of residents where he knew the people who lived there. Then a short time later, we went a little farther by stopping by small businesses and selling to the workers. After doing great with that, we decided to try something bigger and better. That was to find a local store that would allow me to set up outside and sell to their customers as they were entering and exiting the store. We decided to check at JC Penney to see if I could sell them outside of their store. After receiving permission from the manager, we started selling outside of their main door.

My grandfather would pick me up from school everyday at 3:00, and we would go straight to JC Penney. We would sit out there for about two hours each day. During that time, we saw numerous shoppers entering and exiting the store. As a result of people’s generosity, I was sometimes able to sell as many as fifty bars in one day. That led to me becoming the number one top-selling student in the entire school.

I received ribbons and trophys as recognition for being a super-seller. The final, and greatest award I received, and loved the most, was a five-pound World’s Finest chocolate bar. It lasted a long time because I was only allowed to have a small square at a time.

Overall, it was the most fun part of my first thru sixth grade school...
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