my mom

Topics: Dance, Cooking Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: April 21, 2014
My Mom
My mom, Martaba is 50 years old. She is beautiful lady with black curly hair, snub nose covered with freckles, and slightly protruding ears that makes her even more beautiful. Her eyes are very remarkable: they are very unusual, almond shaped and green. She is not tall, but at the same time, she is very agile, moves faster than any women of her age, and she is professional cook. My mom has a very contagious laugh that makes everyone laugh and a charming smile with adorable dimples. She has amazing voice and loves to sing, so she is involved in all type of parties or weddings and always ready to help. She has the rapid gait that gives her a decisive personality. Despite her sense of adventure, she is neat in everyday life and loves Tajik national dress, for daily activities and when she goes out. My mom is very cheerful and optimistic person, so her charm attracts people, and I am very pleased that she is my mom. She always there for me, and I admire her! However, that's not the main thing in her character. She is the best cook, dancer, and friend of mine. First of all, my mom is the best cook. My morning will start with pancakes and sweet tea, just before I have to go to school. Every time I am back from school, there is warm and delicious lunch is waiting for me. Evening, this is special time of the day when all my family gets together around the table, and awaits for magic performance from my mom. There are events that won’t be processed without my mom’s cooking performance. Wedding and birthday parties, funerals everybody knows that in order for their parties to be successful they have to invite my mom to cook for them. Her deserts are so famous that even our president would order some for his office and home. My favorite food that she cooks is “Plov.” I am amazed, how she can calculate the proportions for each event. There was a wedding for 300 hundred people last month and she cooked “Plov” exactly for 300 hundred people,...
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