My Mission

Topics: Need, Want, The Band Pages: 1 (618 words) Published: October 31, 2014

“My mission is to become an Owner of a Child Care Center, where your children will love to get educated. I have worked in multiple Child Care Centers and have some experience under my belt.” Over the next few years, my main goal is to obtain a college degree from North Carolina Central University in Durham NC. This goal will be very difficult to obtain and I will need to work hard at it. Four things that will affect the outcome of my goal are: how much money I can raise to pay for it, how much time I am willing to spend studying, my dedication in being a Band Student Staff and the courses I take towards my career. Before you can register at a college, you must consider how it is going to be paid for. This is especially an issue at NCCU, because my tuition is around $20,500 a year. This is a huge sum of money. It is not made easier by the fact that my parents will be able to contribute very little towards my education. Thus I am forced to rely on scholarships, grants, and loans from the government and other agencies. I have already taken some action by applying for scholarships, but I will have to apply again next year. I received a $400.00 scholarship from Scotland County Ministers Alliance and 300.00 from my Church. NCCU have given me some grants, but the grants and scholarships aren't enough. The rest of the money will have to come from student loans and an on campus job. The next area that will affect my goal is the classroom. This is important because the main point of college is to prepare myself for a successful career. In college, I will need to apply myself, and take time to study every night. Sometimes, I may be forced to give up things that I would rather do, but I must if I am going to achieve my goal. I must create a relationship with my professors because they will help me obtain the information that is needed to be successful. The third thing is my dedication with the band. I like music and me being with the band is just so wonderful, especially...
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