My Mentor

Topics: Girl, Woman, Female Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: February 25, 2013
My Mentor
Mentors aren’t just people you look up to; no, they are far more than that. Mentors are people you personally know, they are people that truly love you and want the best for you. They aren’t necessarily these celebrities you see on television or hear on the radio. Mentors are far deeper than that. They take genuine interest in your life and well being. Out of all the people in my life I would say my father is my mentor. He has taught me far more than just one lesson. Every good thing I know came from my father.

Being a female with no mother or mother figure in my life I would say that I turned out to be a well behaved young lady; all of this happened thanks to my father. Ever since I could remember my father, Quentin Brown, has been there for me. He taught me many meaningful things I would need to know throughout life. From how to brush my own teeth to how to carry myself as a lady, he has taught it all. He never had the physical capability of being a woman so therefore he would never have me act like the typical woman. He raised me to be the type of woman that did not need anyone to do for them because they were fully capable of doing for themselves. I was able to express myself through my clothing, hairstyles, speech, etc. He educated me to always be proper with the word yes and no ma’am, and yes and no sir; to always be polite and to answer when I have been spoken to.

Now don’t get me wrong things were fine but they were not all described as being ‘peachy cream’. When I started getting older I started developing a mind of my own and started questioning things that were happening to me physically. Sometimes my father would not even have an answer to give me. I think it sometimes frustrated him to know that I was a female and my body was forming as a woman. It became the turning point of me becoming myself; in other words my father did not want any boys to start talking to me. He started to become more protective; he protected...
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