My Lovely Little Nephew

Topics: Stay, Respect, Senkaku Islands Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: November 4, 2012
My loveable little nephew
During the summer vacation I went to Beijing to look after my 4-year-old nephew. After school was over, I picked him up back home, cooked for him and then companied him, carrying his little bike, to go downstairs to play with other kids. Everyday we did the same thing, except one day. While he was having dinner, I surfed the Internet and noticed the News about Diaoyu island, and was angry about what Japanese did. Upon finishing dinner, he jumped on his child bicycle, rided it firmly towards the door and stopped right in front of the door. “ Aunt, it’s time to go outside!” I didn’t make a move under the circumstance, and said: “We’ll go tomorrow. Let’s do something else today. OK?” “ No! We’ll go!” He kicked the cupboard with his shoes and threw the papers in front of him with his hands. I could clearly see the fire burning in his eyes which provoked me to rule over him. “ No way! We’ll stay! Stop doing that, you wicked little creature!” “ No! I’ll go. Go! Go! Go!” “ No way! Stay!” After several rounds, I still keep my body unmoved, while he kept his eyes staring at the door. I won. The next instant followed a long period of silence. I continued my business on the Internet, and he, pedaled the pedals swinging in place. “ Aunt?” Suddenly he broke the ice of silence in a docile and gentle voice.. “ What? ” I didn’t turn a hair superficially while inside I wondered what this child would do next if I insist. “ Let’s go. It's fun outside! OK? ” His eyes examined mine, expecting to figure out any sign of my forgiveness and, of course, approval. “ No, baby, I said no.” I steadily maintained my stand. “ Yes?”

“ No!”
“ Yes!”
“ No! No! No!” I became impatient now.
“ I wanna goooooooooo!”
“ No, you can’t!” I looked up impatiently but saw the intent fire of eagerness burning in his eyes, together with the most respectful and meaningful glance. At the very moment, I sensed a touch from his soul. It’s not...
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