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Topics: Ocean, Sense, Olfaction Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Brandford, Sadek
Favorite Location

My favorite location would have to be the Seawall in Sunabe Okinawa, Japan. The Seawall can impact all your senses if you let it. This location impacts a few of my senses, sight, sound, and smell. It is basically a wall 2 and half miles in length, and about 7 minutes away from the base, it gets better, right there in scenic view next to the ocean.   How it impacts my sight is that it's an awesome dive spot especially those who are beginners at diving. Once you suit up with the various gears for scuba diving, the wet suit, goggles, buoyancy control device, regulator, compass and air tanks, you submerge in the blue water of the sea of the wall. Visibility under the water can get to 30 to 50 feet on a clear day and sometimes it depends on the weather and tide prior to the day you dive. I remembered my first dive as if it was yesterday; during my certification I saw the various wild life animals at 60 feet under sea water (sfw). The wild life includes, bright colored coral, which was a mixture of mostly red, yellow, green, and pink. Sea creatures like octopus and squid that comes out only at night, you can also see crabs, tubeworms, and tropical fish. Looking at all this and feeling weightless at 60 feet under water is a very relaxing feeling one would have to experience.             After a dive heading back up the steps of the Seawall your sense of smell is awaken to the delicious smell of Japanese cuisine coming from the restaurants. My stomach would immediately start to grumble, the aroma of the favorable Japanese food would distract me, and cravings would begin for teriyaki foods that you wouldn’t even have time to change from your wet suit. Your eyes and stomach promptly lead you to the nearest restaurants for an afternoon cuisine.             Either sitting on the Seawall or sitting from one of the...
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