My Life Through Art

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My Life Through Art
Art has a deep effect on people whether it is a drawing or a sculpture. Art has inspired thousands of years of civilization as the evidence shows by countless museums, theaters, and galleries all around the world. People are affect by art differently. For instance, art has inspired me to become the person I am today. For as long as I remember art has been part of my life. My earliest experiences of art that I remember began during preschool and kindergarten. I remember drawing pictures of my family, making cards, and finger painting. I love painting, ceramics, graphic design and DIY projects. Art has been the main force in my life, without art I would see the world differently.

I started painting at the age of eight; my parents put me in a class that dealt with oil paint. My teacher helped me find my interest in art. She let me express who I was in my paintings. She taught me how to be patient and passionate about my art work. I was able to paint whatever I wanted. I really cared about my paintings and the art work of other artists. To me painting was a way for me to communicate. As a shy person, painting was a way to express my feelings, thoughts, and dreams into a piece of art. I was able to do so by painting three works for three people who I care about. I painted a cat for my mom, a gorilla for a really close family friend who loves gorillas, and a golden retriever for another family friend who owned two golden retrievers. Through these paintings, I was able to put my own feelings for them inside the painting. This was my own way of saying how much these people meant to me. All three of these people gave me support through my life, and I thanked them through my art work. Even though painting brought me such joy, I quit the class and moved on to ceramics.

When I was­­ nine, my dad used to take me to PNCA to attend a ceramics class. This was the first time making something with my own hands. When I got a second chance to take a...
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