My Life Story

Topics: Family, Mother, High school Pages: 3 (1294 words) Published: July 18, 2009
My Life Story
Tammy Johnson
PSY 202
Katherine Barnett
What was your family like? The baby of eleven children. One parent family, father past away when I was 7 years old. Becoming a teenage mother at age 17.
What are some of your favorite memories?
Being spoiled by everybody
My mom trying to spend so much time with me.
Raising my baby girl.
Do you have your own family now?
I am married to my husband of 18 years
I have a 22 year old daughter that lives on her own in the city. I have a 18 year old son that will soon be leaving home for college. I never thought that I would have this opportunity in my life again. I did not have a chance to go to college right after high school because I had a baby while in school, even though it has been stated “There is a wide range of interesting fulfilling, and profitable career options and that alternative education is important to open the doors to these possibilities”(Young, 2008, pg# ) . I will be writing this paper about my life story and some of the events that has taken place in it. My family was the plain American family up until eleven days before 8th birthday that is when my family got turned upside down and became a single parent household. My father pasted away after having his 4th heart attack at the age of 48. I was the youngest of eleven children and I was also my daddy’s baby girl, so it was really hard for me to understand a lot of things that were happening but I did know that my daddy was gone to heaven to be with god. There were times when it would be hard for my mom to raise all of us with no father figure in the house, but I think she still did a great job of being mother and father. I was last one at home and the one that greatly disappointed her, when I got pregnant at age 17. That is when my whole world just went crazy because I had to quit school and get my GED, because there was no one else there...
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