My Life My Adventure (Draft)

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My life my adventure
Life is an adventure for every living being. From day one, everyone has to struggle, to survive, to live and to live well. To me, living well and living to the fullest is adventure. All my life I have been fascinated about nature and its beauty. I along with my family traveled several places around Bangladesh. But it was only travelling for roaming-around’ sake. Never could taste the hectic adventure in real sense until I joined ULAB Adventure Club. ULAB Adventure Club has been providing a platform for ULAB communities to get together and engage themselves with challenging activities which helps them to know about tourism status of Bangladesh and instill skills among themselves for their personal & professional life. On every semester break club organizes one or two trips for adventure as well as awareness campaigns to balance the trips with internal and external learnings. On the break of last semester ULAB Adventure Club arranged a trip to Bandarban for Dual Summit in Keokradong and Tajingdong. It was one memorable trip with 37 people for 7 days. A true Adventure I have ever experienced. It was September and it was monsoon, the hills were slippery and cold. It was raining almost all the time as there was bad weather signal showing off from the coast. I along with the team and the Advisers hiked the whole way, climbed the rocks and loved the greenery. Apart from the excitement and fun, we explored a school over there. A school which is situated beside or it should be said behind the Keokradong Mountain. It’s a primary school, where students are of the ethnic origin and very enthusiastic to learn. But they are very low in supplies. As it is a hilly area far from main land, they don’t get enough supplies of stationary items on time and education process become hard for the people. So we decided to help them. We have raised fund and bought the necessary items for the school and On the month of December, a team from ULAB Adventure Club is...
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