My Life Map Topic

Topics: High school, Rick Rubin, Def Jam Recordings Pages: 5 (459 words) Published: December 3, 2014
My Life Map Topic
I remember as a kid I would always hear music and I eventually grew to love it. This is why I want to become a music producer. I always wanted to be in the works of making music and changing it up and being versatile and not just having one type of sound. I will achieve this goal by staying on the honor roll and maintaining those grades. I am also practicing beat making on my drumpads at home and, mixing different beats with my turntables . I feel that doing that and listening to new music will bring new ideas out of me and also preparing me for my future career. Educational Expectations

New York University is the college that I will attend. NYU has helped build some of the best artist and record label executives including Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin whom are the founders of Def Jam Records. Which is the reason I would like to go to NYU, going there I feel that I will be able to focus on my studies and on my future career. To be enrolled in NYU you will have to have a high SAT score and a High GPA average. I will achieve getting into this school by continuing doing what and making sure I graduate high school with everything needed to attend NYU. Timeline

My plan is to graduate high school with a 4.0 gpa and a high school diploma . I will be proud to enter New York University and happily spend 4 years back home and, ready to do what is necessary for me to become a music producer. I will graduate with my masters degree . After I graduate my plan is too get into contact with some of the biggest names in music and become a hit maker. Interview

Question: How Did You Get Started In This Profession ?
Answer: As A Kid I Would Always Make Beats Everywhere I Went And It Just Became Apart of me and That’s When I chose Music Producing as my career Question 2: Is Your Job Hard
Answer: No Because You Have To Use Creativity So its Just Being Creative Question 3: Have You Ever Wanted To Give Up
Answer: No Because There Is Nothing Else I Would Rather Do
Question 4: Does Your Job Ever Get Boring
Answer: It Depend on what genre beat you are making like if you are a hip hop type of person but making a R&B Beat So it depends on the beat Qusetion 5: Did You Ever Have A Plan B
Answer: I Did And I Still Do Because Anything Can Happen And Maybe this Job Can Help Me Venture Off into Different Businesses

Bibliography ; Wikipedia, ,The Art Of Music Production

Bibliography: ; Wikipedia, ,The Art Of Music Production
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