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My Life In Dog Years

By bu3044jj Nov 23, 2014 376 Words
Emily Krenik
Childrens Lit

My Life in Dog Years

I really enjoyed reading My Life in Dog Years. I am also a dog lover so I could relate completely to Paulsen’s point of view. I wish I could be around dogs as much as he is in this story. The dogs just seem to come out of nowhere and are attracted to him. I think that this book is a good book for children to read that is realistic fiction because it was realistic but there weren’t really any controversial issues. I enjoy that this book is an autobiography about his relationship with dogs, not just stories about dogs. I think it is important that he showed how pets could affect your life directly. I think this book shows that pets are good companions and can change your life.

I also enjoy Paulsen’s vivid language in the novel. He describes each story perfectly with not only colors but also smells and sounds making each story so easy to picture and relate to. Paulsen’s tone is relaxed in this book; I could imagine him sitting around telling stories about his dogs to some friends or family. I think this makes the book easier to read.

Even though there are sad parts in the book the overall feeling of the book is uplifting and happy. The stories of each dog warm my heart and I think that the audience isn’t limited to dog lovers. I think dog lovers would like this book especially because like myself, dog lovers will understand the feeling of companionship that dogs can give. The book is primarily about a man’s relationship with dogs, not only what he does for them but mostly what they do for him. He even says flat out that they saved his life. Cookie literally saved him when he fell through the ice, but the dogs saved him in other ways too. Snowball’s companionship for Paulsen as a child when he was lonely, and Dirk acting as a bodyguard, and even Ike who just was there as a friend, all the dogs affected his life directly and you can really feel how thankful he is for his dogs throughout the whole book.

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