My Life After Being Abused

Topics: English-language films, Critical thinking, Self Pages: 1 (534 words) Published: November 11, 2009
My Life After being Abused
I have the most amazing boyfriend ever he means the world too me. As a child growing up life was tuff and I was abused due to that I lacked a sense of self confidence. Although I was always being told I was beautiful I did not believe it in turn I felt as though make up would cover my insecurities. I believed and lived by this thought for along time until the love of my life Brian came along. The first time Brian had ever met me I was drenched, hair tangled, and had no make up on. I had just got done swimming when he walked up and introduced himself to me. With out my security blanket on a.k.a my makeup I was so embarrassed I could not look him in the eyes let alone even turn and face him. Leaving the pool that day I was what I thought to be one hundred percent sure I would never hear from him again. Thank God I was wrong. That night went by and I had not heard any thing from Brian just as I had expected. But when I woke up the next day, I was soon to realize I had woke up to what was about to be the best day of my life. Around noon Brian called and asked me on a date I of coarse said yes. Brian turned out to be the guy that gave me my confidence the one who showed me that the past is the past and that there is nothing you can do to change it but you can make a positive out of it. When he first said this I laughed in his face saying are you kidding me how you can possibly turn being abused into a positive. Now when I look at him all I can say is thanks, for he was right. From being abused I learned God gave me a gift a gift to be able to since and be able to attract children who are being abused that way I am able to comfort them and give them the help that they need. Brian also proved to me that not all guys are the same. Before I met Brian it seemed to me as though all guys were just in a relationship for the physical aspects such as sex, looks, and so on. I can remember thinking to myself that I really hope the guy I...
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