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My name is Malik Bosques , I’m 14 years old and what’s unique about me is my long dark brown hair. I’m 6 foot tall and of Puerto Rican decent. My birthday is on March 17th, right around the corner. I go to Woodbridge high school, I play 2 sports which are Football and Basketball. I am the middle child of three kids, my little brother is 12, my older brother is 18 we all with mom and dad in an apartment. My family is Hispanic, my parents speak fluent Spanish but My brothers and I do not speak Spanish at all. I live in a town called Woodbridge, New Jersey. I like to listen to music because it motivates me to do things like push myself to do more workouts than I want to do and helps me concentrate on work. I like to hang out with my family because they make me happy and they respect me for who I am instead of criticizing me for doing things even if I don’t do anything bad.

Things I do well are play football, basketball, math, read, work out, write, play video games, chores, cook, clean, fix technology, And a little bit of mechanic. My strengths are bring respectful, well mannered, kind, caring, try to be funny, trying new things, dedicated, committed, loyal, responsible, smart. My abilities are playing football, I played football in my freshman year of high school I was decent at the sport but I believe I can do way better at things if I really try, play basketball, I never played on a team but I play outside all the time and im good at the sport but I got to work on some minor problems, I like to learn about astronomy because I love to learn about space and other planets, when I was young I wanted to be an astronaut but its to much to go through to become an astronaut but if I tried I could’ve been one but I want to be a soldier in the national guard, I like to work because I can have money whenever I want and I can help out my mother whenever she needs some money to buy something or pay some bills, that’s one of the main reasons I want to get a job. I am...
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