my life

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My life Part I

Life Story
PSY 202 Adult Developments and Life Patti Brock
June 24,

My Life Part II
Where are you from?
Shiloh Ga
What was your family like?
What things do you remember about your childhood?
What are some of your favorite memories?
Playing sports
Summer time

What did you want to become when you grew up?
Role model
My Life Part III

What are your personal, professional, and academic goals?

Lose weight

Become a better teacher

Become a great father to my children

My Life Part IV

My Life is one amazing ride, as a child I was very quiet never talk out of content or at anyone. Witch kind of made it hard to communicate with others. I was pick on, teas, called all kinds of names and teachers sated I wouldn’t be anything cause I never said anything. But my family was on time like all ways united, strong and had my back. They keep me in church and stayed positive. When it look like I wasn’t going to make it the keep me up, Church keep me up as well and focus, when I was though about god and his word I became stronger as a child in the mind. when things went wrong I prayed and look toward my family and they was there for me. I didn’t have a father growing up so my mom had to be my dad as well. My family put me up for sports because we as a family were good at football and basketball. Sports brought me out of my shyness and I became a more active person. I started to meet new friends. Friends that stuck with me through out school and as of today still are my friends. We still stick together and help each other out when we need it. I open up to people and things change for the best, I even stared doing better in school. I became the schools best defensive player and I became noticeable. That made me feel good on the inside gave me self

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