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The Music Industry Today is looked at as common musician's such as Eminem, A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, Blink-182 and of those listed, they're just a few that come straight to mind when thinking about todays generations. They may currently be idles of todays times, but what about the past generations of musician's? Over the past few decades the music industry has taken a switch and become completely different. Today we look at the music industry as being corrupt, as has shifted to swearing, drugs, and wrong messages. The youth is going through the stage of thinking its cool and learning about themselves, but this didnt just happen within the twenty-first century, all these trending topics have been going on for years. The amount of controversy over swearing in songs like the sex pistols in the 70's or the violence that broke out in crowds were bands would spit on their audiences in the 70's, this is all nothing new.

To many people we look at this Music World as nothing but glits, glamour, and good times, but if we truly knew what it entailed would we still want to be apart of it? The whole world seems to be building itself around drugs, sex, and violence more and more every coming day. Music is one of the most influential art forms of todays society and especially with todays youth, and to some the message of the music is what sticks to us. In the last few years drugs, especially heroin, have risen drastically. And with what messages bands and artists are sending out it seems to sugar coat the harsh truth and reality of what drugs and alcohol really can do to a person. Snoop Dog, Dr.Dre, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sex Pistols, Sublime, are just some of the millions of bands that have admitted to being either arrested, overdosing, and admitted to the use and recovery of drugs. And together millions of records have been sold and distributed around the world promoting the scary, fatal addictions.

Music plays a vital and extremely important role in the socialization of children and adolescents. Listening to popular music is considered by society to be part of "growing up." Music provides entertainment and distraction from problems and serves as a way to relieve tension and even boredom. Studies have shown that adolescents use popular music to deal with loneliness and to take control of their emotional status or mood, it provides the comfort and stability of romance and relationships in diverse settings as well. Its also used as a way from teenagers to identify themselves and relate to others around them, it helps with achieving group identify in our youths culture and provides the means to resolve conflicts related with stages of development.

In refuting concerns about how music lyrics effect adolescents, some argue that children and teenagers use music purely for entertainment and that no attention is paid to the lyrics. But grasping and understanding the lyrics tend to be limited and related to the experiences lived by the listeners. On the other hand, studies have shown that approximately 17% of male & 25% of female teenagers expressed that they liked their favorites songs specifically because of the lyrics and that they could somehow relate it to how they felt. But its found that the more importance the genera type the more attention they will pay to the lyrics.

Regarding how popular music effects behavior, several studies have identified that certain types of music could be correlated or even associated with certain behaviors. Such as association with drugs and alcohol usage, especially when partaking in activities such as "raves" or electronic music dance events. Depending on the music can depend on the adolescents mood, negative emotional responses to the music and risk-taking behaviors can be triggered due to the type of music children are listening to. Fans of heavy metal have been reported that they're more in association with increased depression, risky-behavior, smoking, and conduct problems. Fans of rap have...
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