My Life

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Running Head: MY LIFE

My life revealed
Octavia Jones
Psychology 202
Wendy Conaway

I. Where am I from?
a. Born in Lynchburg, VA
b. Raised in Staunton, VA

II. What things do you remember about your child hood?
a. Always baby sitting while my mom was at work
b. Learning how to cook
c. Never having a childhood
d. Moving a lot
e. Never having friends over
f. Growing up fast
III. What were your favorite moments?
a. Getting a baby sitting job
b. Buying a car
c. Helping my mom take care of the house
d. Getting my own place
IV. What were your saddest moments?
a. Not being able to go with friends because I had to babysit b. My grandmother passing away
c. Moving out of my mothers house
V. What were your hobbies?
a. Running track and field
b. Taking pictures

VI. What did you want to be when you grow up?
a. A photographer
b. A social worker
VII. What are your greatest achievements so far?
a. Proving for my family
b. Starting back school
c. Opening up my own business
VIII. What can you contribute to your community or to the world in the future? a. An opened minded business manager who will have an open heart and mind towards all people from all types of backgrounds b. Helping people achieve their life long goals as their life coach in my spare time

My Life Revealed
After being fired from my job at 31 years old for having a meeting that did not follow my company guidelines on how to handle sexuality in the work place, I took a hard look at my life. I had achieved almost every goal I had made for myself but the one goal I fell short on was returning back to school after I had dropped out my freshman year in 2002. I intend on sharing with you some key elements in my life that have shaped me into the women I currently am. I will share my experiences with you as well as dissect and examine the theories from my adult development class.

There is nothing romantic about the way I came into this world however I am blessed daily for the gift of being here. My mother’s name was Venetia Wardy when she met my father, Bruce Johnson in January of 1980, at a group home they were both residing at the time. Soon after, he became her first love and she became pregnant. Her mother would not allow her to come back home so she moved in with my father’s mother a few months later and married my father in October of the same year. My mother was only 15 years old when she gave birth to me, Octavia Johnson, on January 31, 1981. My father was a troubled child who stayed in and out of trouble for many years to come. He was arrested for stealing a little over a year after I was born and my mother was forced to return to her hometown of Staunton, VA where she moved back in with her mother until she was able to move out on her own a few years later. My mother never graduated high school and still doesn’t have her GED as of today. She struggled for the entire time my other siblings and I grew up.

I have memories from as far back to me being four years old, some good and some very bad. With my mother being a teenage mother, I had a lot of different stressors at a very early age. When I was seven years old, my mother had another child, my sister, O’quaria. I immediately learned all the fundamentals of taking care of a child. I learned to feed, bathe, cloth and nurture her from the time she came home. Three years later, my mother had another child, my sister, Karita. I always felt like my mother’s poor judgment with having children became my burdens. I was their primary nurturer through my entire life. Because my mother did not have an educational background or a significant other to help provide for us, she worked a...

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