My Learning Style

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My Learning Style
After completing the Kolb Learning Style Inventory I learned that I am a converging learner. A converging learner is someone who learns by thinking and doing. Each learning style have five behavior levels which consist of an assertive personality, education in engineering or medicine, professional career in engineering, medicine, or computer science, current job in a technical field, and adaptive capabilities in decision skills.

I work best from thinking and doing over reading directions or someone showing me how to complete a task. I have to admit that my dominate personality is assertive and outgoing however I do experience moments of shyness. My Associate's Degree in Information Systems followed this learning style but my Bachelor's Degree in Management is going in another direction. However I'm looking forward to seeing what type of adjustments I will endure. To my surprise my learning style reflected the positions I've held previously. I had a ten year career in dentistry, a five year technical career, and I loved both careers. My current job leans more towards an accommodating learning style which is an executive job, but I do have opportunities to use my technical skills, that would explain why I enjoy my current position. During this process I've learned that my life map and my learning style are on the same path. This process have given me a chance to realize just how dominate my personality is by reflecting on conversations I've held with family members, and co-workers. In the future I plan on working towards enhancing my learning skills by setting goals, and creating new ways of thinking. This may seem simple and petty to some but these goals will be a challenge for me too complete.

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