My Learning Plan

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FEBUARY 5, 2007

My name is Damian Coles and I have decided to return to school, to better prepare myself for the future that awaits me. I am a newlywed with a one year old son, and a beautiful wife who supports me in my new endeavor. I have not been in a learning facility since December of 2003, so I am aware that some things have changed since then.

But I will withstand whatever is necessary for me to succeed, from harsh criticism to high regards. Once I made my mind up to return to school, the only decision that was left was what would I major in? Then it just came to me, I should go back and get my bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. I was always considering going into law enforcement, and I could use this degree to springboard myself into my field of choice. But how would I accomplish this new task of mine being a working professional, a husband, and a father? I would need a feasible time schedule that could accommodate my daily activities without taking away from, my husband and fatherly duties. And thanks to the University of Phoenix, it went from a possibility to a reality within a week. I was attending class, taking down notes, and making new friends.

With my job being an 8 to 5, and all the tasks I have to complete. Amongst school being one of them. How do I maintain the same intensity I have at work, and transfer it over to my schoolwork? Without losing my edge, because I am leaving one profession. Which is totally different from the other, I work in the medical field, but now I am studying criminal justice.

I plan to maintain my edge in my course group by keeping myself prepared for class. By taking complete an accurate notes, alongside staying equipped, with the proper supplies for class. I have three people of which I have been paired up with to help me as well as themselves with the values of teamwork.

I have already begun changing my daily...
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