My Last Holiday

Topics: Existential quantification, Building, Basement Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: April 3, 2013
My last holiday
It still haunts me till this day. It was the most scariest moments I have ever encounter in my life. How wrong was I to make that decision. Why I did not listen to my friend. How I wish I could turn back the time. On my last holiday, my friends and I have decided to finish up our homework at Jason’s house. We wanted to go to the nearby shopping mall after completing our homework. That is why we choose Jason’s house which is nearby a shopping mall called “Prangin Mall”. So we were meeting up at a playground at 10 a.m sharp. Some of us did not know where his house was so we meet up somewhere near his house. After everyone had arrived, we started walking to Jason’s house.

Along the way, I had a glance at a certain house that looks like it was abandon for decades. I was curious and ask Jason about the background of the house. He told us that he was not certain about it. Some say that it was once a house of a rich guy who murdered his family. The others says that it was use to be a house that carries out spiritual rituals. After a few minutes, we continue to our destination. When we arrived at his house, the first thing we did was to put our bags into his room and start our homework.

Few hours have passed and we had finally done our homework. We took a short break, playing games, resting, and some of us change their outfits and went bathing. After everything is done and when we were about to leave to the shopping mall, I stopped them. I was curious about that abandon house. I wanted to explore it. I love ghost stories and always wanted to see them just once. So I gave a suggested that we postpone our shopping mall outings for another day and explore the abandon house. Nobody disagrees because they were curious to know too. So we head to where we found the abandon house.

When we got closer to that house, it looks more like a mansion. Before we went in, one of my friend was scared and ask us to give a second thought about it. We...
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