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Topics: Personal computer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: November 23, 2008
Nowadays, the computer had become a major part of our life. Everybody uses it in everything, so they got the information needed easily. Because people use the computer a lot; many science have started to develop it and are continuously looking for the most comfortable design, so they started the desktop first. After that they started develop it to be smaller and portable, so they called it "laptop". My laptop is one of the devices that I use in my studies. In this essay I will discuss my laptop in two parts: Hardware and Software.

First, I will talk about my laptop's hardware. I bought this laptop two month age from USA because it is cheaper there then here. My laptop contain are keyboards, a pad and a touch screen. It from "HP" co. the model is "HP TX 2500" from a TX family which means it's a small laptop. The weight of this model with the battery is about 3kg, but without the battery it will be around 2.4kg. Also the processor in this one is from an AMD company and the full name of it is "AMD Turin x2 ultra 64 bit" which means it use the 64 bit system. The ram sizes for the HP are usually between 1GB and 2GB, but this one is more than 4GB and that helps improve its speed. The size of my hard desk is 265GB, and this is good, because it is big space for saving file. It has also a WIFI device; also, it has a Bluetooth device for connecting and sharing files. The monitor is 12.1 inches. On the other hand, my laptop has many other features that no other laptop has, such as a large and movable web camera, and independent microphone inside so I do not need to add any outer microphone. In addition, there is a special icon called Media Direct; this is a software installed to do media stuff. For example, playing movies, songs and viewing photos.

The second part I will discuss henceforth is about my laptops software. It is "Vista 64 bit" for operating system. Also, Furthermore, having a wireless device on my laptop helps me communicate with others easily. It had...
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