My Journey

Topics: Shyness, Interpersonal relationship, Trigraph Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: July 22, 2013
The day when I was born , A journey of mine started
New chapter has built living in my hands today
A journey to life molded with grace

In the age of nothing
Valued and taught by passion
Starting my new days and facing eachsteps in different pathways

My Journey is what the future holds
It might be hard for me
but there is something that makes me strong

With God’s love and power,
Whatever it takes my journey will never break.

Hey there! Each one of us have their own autobiography. They might be filled with happiness and meaningful in their life and those stories will never ever end, it will continue in our daily life until the day we are gone. May these stories can touch a lot of people and fill colorful in some peoples life. Here, I am going to write some of my autobiography about myself, it may be a common place things to you, but it is my priceless treasure. “ Riiiiiiiiiiiiing !!! “ Oh the bell rings for the first subject in the morning. Here I am, sitting on my place with clear thoughts, ready for the session. But grrrrr >.< , Tong! Ting ! Plok! Mixed emotions ahead. Chills on the first day of class. My heart beats fast together with my shaking knees. Yes! I know its very normal for us students to feel this way. Lots of frustrating expectations in my mind. Still I have to be strong and Be confident. At first , I find myself sitting on a chair with no one to talk with. That’s because Im burden and alone, left behind by my best of friends. They say Im an introvert person, but actually not , I just limit myself for my social interactions. But hey ! I have lots of friends and it doesn’t make me lonely and alone. Pheeeeeeew! Study.Study.Study my biggest concern and desire. Students as we are, we want to achieve our goals in life for our upcoming future. Education is the most important things we can get in life. We learn many important things on our own. We train for a...
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