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Topics: Telephone, Customer, Learning Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: October 29, 2014
For teenagers, having a job is a way of making money, just a way of having spare money to spend and it make you fell independent. I was very nervous waiting home unpatiently by the phone, when I was just about to hang out with several friends, suddenly the telephone ring, I pick it up very quickly, it was a phone call from the restaurant owner and he told me to come to work next day. It was sunday afternoon and i was ready working for my first job, being nervous and excited is something that everyone goes through on the first day of a new job, I began to thinking is my english ok to be a cashier, and I was very wondering if i would be fired, I did not want myself to be a loser, so I took my first steep toward the door and i walked in, Then, a new reality entered in my mind,.all of the strangers had looked me up from the kitchen and were staring at me. I was really excited and happy to know about my job. in starting, I had trouble understanding English, all of the workers helped me whenever I was in difficulty. They taught me how to work on the register and how to restock supplies. For some time, to communicate with people was not easy for me, but my job gave me a good opportunity to develop my communication skill and self confidence. Working at that job, I met my new manager Asia, and she was my trainer and friend too. She was very friendly and kind person. She always told me that customer is our boss, so I have to be very responsible, respectful, and helpful to my customer. She assisted me without any exception whenever I needed her help. I learned how to fulfill customers’ desirers and be helpful to them. I always liked to be a good helper at my job.             After working for 5 month at that job, suddenly, when the restaurant owner told me that I had to leave that job, I felt very uncomfortable because I loved my job, my staff members, and my customers. On that day I fell very sad. Then, my maneger gave me encourage about doing another job and helped me...
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