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August 18, 2010

Managing Director

Sub: Technically inappropriate and deliberately damaging Appraisal Feedback for 2009-2010


I joined Tata steel as a GT of 1996 batch thinking that I am going to work for the Company and subsequently I would earn my growth in the Organisation.

There were times when I was selected by management and sent to Japan for undergoing management development programme. I was called in cycle-2 of the PEP programme and put in IL4 and I was communicated as I was put in High Potential List. Since then I am working at the same level almost 10 years.

I have discomfort regarding the appraisal feedback given to me more specifically for FY2009-2010. I was given appraisal feedback on July 07, 2010. Before sending me the appraisal feedback electronically, I was called by my Superior Mr Arun Kumar Singh, Head Projects, and I was given feedback face to face. The feedback was very goody goody verbally.

Next day, I got the appraisal feedback electronically, which was not proportionate to what he had given verbally during face to face verbal feedback session.

I am attaching the print of appraisal feedback with highlighted text which I think either technically wrong or deliberately damaging.

To me, appraisal feedback process is for continually improve the performance and morale of employee and not to be used to damage the potential and performance of the employee.

There is already a dearth of suitable people across industries and we are not pulling up the people rather we are pushing down. What we are achieving by going by such kind of appraisal feedback system, i am not able to understand. To my opinion, the performance of the employees in our Company is not much ranged in large whereas we are discriminating deliberately to large range.

Now the time has come to rethink about the Performance Management System with more emphasis on employee morale,...
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