My Inspiration: Physical Therapist

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I’m 21 years old and married with two children. I am currently employed as a Certified Nursing assistant (CNA) at Our Lady of Peace nursing home located in Lewiston. I am also in the US Army Reserves. I’m attending NCCC as a freshman student and will be taking courses towards an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. I will then go on to further my education once I graduate to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

What inspires me to become a Physical Therapist is working at the nursing home. Helping people is my passion and one day I was helping a resident and she started to cry because she wanted to go home. Unfortunately, she couldn’t go home because she couldn’t walk too well. I told her “the only way for you to go home was to strengthen your leg muscles so you can walk on your own.” I walked her everyday after therapy until one day I came in her room to take her to therapy and she said, “No therapy today I’m going home.” She thanked me for everything especially for helping her and never giving up. I was exhilarated to know she was going home and she felt good about it. Being able to help people recover and restore their body made me want to interact more and help people myself by becoming a Physical Therapist.

My goal after I graduate NCCC is to transfer to obtain my Bachelor’s degree as a Physical Therapist. I would like to transfer to the University of Buffalo or Niagara University because of their excellent programs. My career goal is to work in an office as a Physical Therapist. Eventually I would like to open up my own office. By opening up my Physical Therapist business I will be able to help rejuvenate and rehab my patients bodies. I will also be able to offer assistance to anybody that has injuries and has to go to therapy for it. Becoming a Physical Therapist will allow me to help many people and show them that they have a dependable and reliable therapist to go to.

After work I enjoy playing with my two children. I like to...
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