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This rubric will be used to evaluate and grade the INDIVIDUAL project that serves as the final exam for Comparative Religion. Since this project is designed to present the different religions in a world perspective context, it will be your job to choose a corner of the world in which your particular religion is practiced and present it in its social context. You will be responsible for presenting the tenants of the religion in a unique cultural context, and this point cannot be emphasized enough. Once you have done adequate research, you will choose the country and then area of the country in which your religion is practiced and put together a presentation that helps your audience hear, see, feel, and even touch and taste this religion in progress. There are examples of components of previous group projects in ANGEL under the “Course Documents” Section. They are put there to inspire you to great heights. Various updates of your progress are required during face-to-face meetings throughout the semester.

The criteria for the presentation are as follows:
Length – Approximately 25 – 30 SLIDES – INCLUDING VISUALS Presentation Date – FINAL EXAM WEEK – LAST WEEK OF CLASS. Individual Bibliography – Minimum 7 Sources – MLA OR APA Style –

(Without a properly formatted bibliography I will not grade your
Final presentation, which means you, will flunk your final exam).
Any update form you give me before the presentation should include
A properly formatted Bibliography. If you do not know MLA or APA
Format, look in the “Course Documents” Section of ANGEL. There
Will be a Document There Titled “MLA-APA Formatting”. There
Will be an example there as well as a link to a website that explains
The formatting. There is no other paper due for this project. Just
The Bibliography that will appear on the last slide(s) of the
You must present an interesting and well-formatted Power Point. Under
The Lessons Tab, there is also a Folder that is titled “Assignments,
Due Dates and Point Values for Learning Units”. In this folder, you
Will find a link to a website that will teach you how to put a PP
Presentation together.

A Total of Seven Visuals Are Necessary – They can be any kind of visual,
Including a link to a video clip.
A One-Page Reflection Paper Is Required

The next page presents the components of the rubric that should be included in the presentation and the criteria for assigning points to the project.

NOTE**** Each semester I assign this project. It is challenging, however, students do the most amazing things with the creativity portion of the project. The theme of our class is the “Spirit of the Religion”. In order to fully appreciate the true spirit of any religion, one has to understand it from many different perspectives or from many cultural aspects in many types of social context. That is what you, as a class, will bring to one another from the four corners of the world. I give you the foundation of the spirit of the religion. It is your job to make it come alive and I have every faith in your ability to rise to this challenge. Below are the exact criteria that will be used to give you a grade on your project. It is a “Rubric” and it represents the best effort to make an objective evaluation of the grade you deserve. All your efforts will be awarded according to the criteria below. I will look to see that you have included all of the “Criteria” as outlined above. AGAIN, LET ME REMIND YOU – WITHOUT A PROPERLY FORMATTED BIBLIOGRAPHY, PRESENTED ON THE LAST SLIDE(S), I WILL NOT GRADE YOUR PRESENTATION.

Please find an interesting way of introducing your country and the branch of the religion and perhaps the region of the country you are...

Bibliography: to me in advance, so I can help you correct it, I have no objection to that. You will
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