My Identity in This Society

Topics: Science, Learning, Society Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: September 26, 2012
My Identity in this Society

Every single person in the society has a unique and exclusive identity regardless of their sex, race, appearance or family background. People play different roles under different situations or environments, therefore people's identities are altered when they are required to fit in the surroundings.

I have two major identities in society —— consumer and learner. The identity of a consumer can be defined both socially and biologically. The first concept is simple because whenever or wherever I purchase something, I turn into a consumer. This happens almost every day and I cannot survive without buying things regularly. From another perspective I do not excavate or create any resources like water, grain, meat and minerals, however I am continuously using them, and therefore I can be considered as a consumer in terms of the entire ecosystem or, on a smaller scale, human society. The second identity is also straight forward. During the seventeen years that I have been living in this world, approximately fourteen years were spent in schools studying. In fact, it is an incontestable fact that the primary goal for young people is to continue learning until we have an adequate foundation of knowledge and the ability to survive in fierce competitions. As we become more mature, even though the time spent on learning may decrease, the identity of a learner is lifelong.

Of course, I have many other identities in term of my role in society, but relatively speaking they are not as essential as the two I have presented. However, I believe that embracing and perfecting every identity of ours is significant for achieving excellence in life.
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