My ideal vacation

Topics: Family, English-language films, Pregnancy Pages: 6 (1719 words) Published: September 22, 2014
Barcial 1
Keena C. Barcial
Professor Egrubay
10 September 2014
My turning point in life
Sometimes, the things that we can’t change end up changing ourselves; either for the better or for the worse. However, within my situation I changed for the better. It was one day after school, during my 7th grade year. I received a call from my mom while she was on her way to pick me up. She calmly says “Keena, I have news for you.” While on the phone, I beg her to tell me; but she refuses and demands me to wait. My anxiousness kept me impatient while waiting for my mother. She finally arrives, and I hurriedly ran to her car. I expected an excited look on my mom’s face; instead she had somewhat of a frown. Straightforwardly my mother says she is pregnant. At that moment, I had no idea how to react to her news. Feelings of mixed emotions scurried through my mind, the feelings of shock, sadness, disappointment and freight. Reason why I felt that way is because my brother Kyle, who was born after me are only four years apart. We’ve never expected another addition to our family after so long. After hearing the news that my mother was pregnant after 10 years put us all in shock, including my mom herself. Everything was just unexpected. Once my mom and I got home that day, I felt buried with my emotions. At that moment I couldn’t hold in my tears any longer and I started to ask my mom a whole bunch of unnecessary questions. I felt as if she was being interrogated because she was just silent the whole time. It was obvious that my mom was just as disappointed as I was, but she accepted it because there was really nothing she could do about it. At that moment, I remember

Barcial 2
her telling me in a wretched tone, “If you’re unwilling to take responsibility towards this child, I won’t force you to.” It was as if my heart slightly dropped while I heard those words. Knowing the type of heart my mom has; I knew she wanted to keep the baby nonetheless. It took time for me to finally accept the fact that not only would I have another sibling after 10 years, but as well as additional responsibilities as the eldest child. Every night before I went to bed, I’d always think of how much my family and I’s life would change when the baby comes. I knew that I’d have to go through a lot of adjustment and change. As each day went by, the emotions of anger and disappointment that I felt gradually went away. Instead, I started to feel a sense of excitement. Just like any other person who is expecting an addition to their family, I begin to think of baby names and was always concerned as to what the gender of my sibling was. As a daughter, I continue to assist my mother throughout her pregnancy while my father was off-island most of the time for job related reasons. I wanted nothing but good health for my mom and the baby. Counting the months down started to become a habit, my inner self was constantly filled with so much enthusiasm. The countdown to the expected date my mom was going to give birth came closer. Towards the last week of the 9th month of my mother’s pregnancy, she began complaining about frequent contractions, and so we rushed her to the hospital. I accompanied my mom during her time in labor, and the lack of sleep did not seem to bother me at all. I would constantly joke around with her and say “Mom, will you just pop already?!” My mother was in a lot of pain, yet she still managed to laugh and keep a smile on her face. That whole night she was on labor went by quickly. Little did we know she was ready to give birth the next morning. Barcial 3

May 24, 2009 was the day my baby brother was born at CHC hospital on Saipan. At that very moment, not only did I feel excited; but was also nervous in a way. Continuously worrying for the health of my mom and the baby. While my family and I were in the waiting room, I could barely stay seated on my chair because I felt very impatient at that time and would constantly get up and...
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