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My Ideal School - Not Finish

By MynameisAqib Nov 05, 2012 289 Words
My Ideal School
School is the center of education. It provides intellectual , emotional as well as spiritual enrichment. I am sure everyone has their own dream of ideal school. It is a place where one feels most comfortable to learn in. Well, I also have my own dream of ideal school. I want my dream school as wide as university and have a beautiful landscape.

In my dream school, I want my classroom with sliding door and tinted windows and before entering the class, students have been asked to scanning their thumbprints to facilitate teachers taking attendance. Apart from that, I want each classroom must have air-conditioned for students study in a calm and comfortable situation. After that, a projector also needed in class for the teachers teach the students easily with pictures or videos and the students can understand much better and help students more interested in studying. Other than that, I want each table provides I-pads for students to access internet for searching information about their studies. Each classroom also must be carpeted so the students don’t need to clean up the dirt constantly. Furthermore, when pantry is provided in class will help students for having a breakfast or lunch without go to the canteen. A comfortable chairs and tables from a high quality also needed for student comfortable while studying.

I also want my dream school have a perfect library with air-conditioned and electronic systems such as automatic book-dipenser , so we just write the name of the book , and the book we wanted fall into one box . Then, I want the library provided with WiFi and laptops for the students do their revision easily without spending money at the cyber cafe.

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