My Ideal School

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School can be considered as our second home as we spend most of our time there. If we were to talk to students about their school life, they may told you that it was no more than just listening to the boring lectures of the teachers. My ideal school life can be so different; it hosted more songs and laughters of students and teachers.

My ideal school life consists more of self-learning, rather than having the teachers to conduct lessons and teach us almost everyday. The students no longer depend on the teachers for learning, but rather on themselves. Subjects will no longer be limited and students can choose the subjects they want to study. They also do not need textbooks to study. Instead, they can study through the internet and perhaps, through books. That way, they could learnt more about the subjects. Then, what are the job of the teachers? Their job is to supervise the students to make sure that they do learn something by giving them a test at the end of the week. They also clarify the students if they are not clear on a particular thing. Exams will not be conducted and the marks will be based on the weekly test. What I enjoy about this is that the students will not be so stressed.

School is not just a place to learn, but also a place to spread culture and entertainment. Every Tuesday, there would be a movie screening in the hall. After that students will write a reflection on what they have learnt from the movie. Every two weeks, there will be a cooking course and ettiquete course for every students. There will also be courses everyday to enrich the students knowledge. With rich entertainment, school life will no longer be dull, that is what I enjoy about it.

Every semester, the learning outcome of students will be voted be students along with the teachers’ review and decide on the school semester award. There are great prizes for the students who win the award to encourage them to continue to strive better in their studies.
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