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Topics: Energy, Kinetic energy, Potential energy Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Abstract (Summary):
This experiment was performed to prove that energy exists in many different forms but it can never be created or destroyed. Energy can only be transformed from one type into another. This experiment was executed by mounting a weight onto a weight hook and releasing the pin to allow it to fall. When the weight reached the lowest position it started to rewind in the opposite direction and so the weight started to be lifted. The height was measured and then this was repeated with several weights. The results of this experiment proved that energy truly can only be transformed from one type into another and in this case all the potential energy transformed into an equal quantity of kinetic energy keeping the total amount of energy constant. Data Analysis and Discussion:

The above simulations both prove that at any given time during the track, the total energy remains constant as proved by the yellow bar & that the kinetic (green bar) and potential energy (blue bar) constantly interchange between each other but always add up to the same amount of energy.

Different graphs that also show that total energy remains constant at all times & potential and kinetic energy interchange between each other. The results in the table show that as the weight increases gradually the potential energy loss gets smaller and smaller. For example, when the weight was 0.4N, the P.E loss was 85.143%, but when the weight was 2.0N, the loss reduced to a total of 39.429%. This is because as the weight increased, both the P.E initial & final values increased and so when the loss in P.E was calculated, the values were getting bigger and bigger. For example, when the weight 0.4N, the loss in PE was only 0.052 but when the weight was 2.0N, the value increased to 0.69. Finally, when the percentage loss in P.E was calculated by dividing the loss in P.E by the P.E initial, the values decreased and decreased because the loss in P.E & P.E initial values...

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