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My Ideal Community

By Lopes234 May 23, 2015 540 Words
My Ideal Community
By Samuel Lopes

Presented to 2E and Mrs Richardson

How did I decide on my Ideal
A Community is
a representation
of the
in it.
So, it makes sense
to Ideology
that my
is a
of my
and principles,
will be the
For same
forI will
on Jobs and government
on their
as I think this is a area
to be drastically
order to show
equality and peace.

The Structure of Education
My Ideal
Our System
Our current education
system leaves students
to find there own way
when applying for jobs
relying on standardised
testing and
qualifications, leaving no
room for creativity or
inspiration, and no room
for failure or a bad job.

My system lets all
students apply for jobs
while in secondary
school and provides a
safety net for failed
application. There would
be one specific job per
town/city and for labour
or work deemed
monotonous groups of
5. There is a gentle
transition from school to

Jobs and Employment Opportunities
• Jobs have availability in every city
and towns, and students have the
option to continue their education
with specialist training in their fields
and would make a balanced job
landscape. During the training, you
would be paid half your full salary.
• There would be no dismissal from a
job unless a employee neglected his
duties grossly and would then be
required to retake his training along
with a dismissal course.
• This would ensure a stable and
working economy for all and would
promote equality as everyone is
important in this community.

My ideal healthcare would be a lot like the NHS, but
with specific criteria of whether you would had to
pay for treatment:
• If you were hurt or injured by a result of neglect
of someone else’s job, you would not have to pay
and the person responsible would have to pay the
price of healthcare, go on a dismissal course and
retake his training.
• If you were hurt because of your own fault then
you would have to pay the full price of your
• If you have a illness of natural causes, the cost of
healthcare would be free.
As you can see,, there are many criteria which also
serve as a punishments for wrongdoing resulting in
physical injury, keeping taxes to the state low and
keeps the economy stable

Crime, Punishment and Justice
Community Justice
Two central elements grafted from policing—
problem solving and community orientation—
animate community justice. The approach, which is
proactive rather than focused on criminal events,
is handled on a case-by-case basis.

“Supportive” Justice
In exercising conventional formal control, the
justice system functions as a force acting upon the
community, whereas in a community justice model
it is a resource to strengthen and support the
community in dealing with crime and disorder.

Can It Work?
Particularly for practitioners who wish to develop
community justice initiatives, it is important to
note that there is no standard formula for adopting
the principles. The design will depend on the
nature of community organizations, justice system

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