My Hometown Sucks

Topics: High school, Rape, Teacher Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: November 16, 2011
When I think of my hometown I think people being shot, robbed, and raped. One of the biggest problems in our town was a man being given the death penalty for raping and mutilating a woman. When you cross the line between Albany and Leesburg, it is like stepping from a gang movie into Sweet Home Alabama. Albany is the murderous blood stricken world of gangs and thugs. Lee County is where I grew up and it just is not what it was when I started going to school there. I would never want my child to be raised in what Lee County has turned into in the past few years.

When I was in third grade I went from a private school to Twin Oaks elementary school. When I was in elementary school I did not have to worry about children my age smoking weed or having sex, we enjoyed the hot summer days and despised the cold winters when we couldn’t bear to stay outside. During my eight grade year everyone in my grade began to change, then we went to high school and nothing was ever the same. My memories of high school consist of red, black, and white every Friday with loud, obnoxious pep rallies and football games when the cold weather came. The football games in Lee County scream painted faces, little kids, fights, and grilled foods and if they made it past the homecoming game hot chocolate, thick jackets, and fleece blankets. And even if the football team sucked at least we had awesome parties afterwards in support of our team. I recall waking up many times with the smell of cigarette smoke, and cheap liquor on my clothes and a massive headache that followed the horrible scents. I did not try the poison that the others stumbled and fell over because the potent smell made me sick and I also knew that around the corner their legal fate could be waiting on them to pass. Lee County had to have the most parties and the most tragic stories of students dying young. The pain that myself and my classmates went through is the worst I have ever heard of. Students died from others stupidity...
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