My Home Is My Castle

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That people could come into the world in a place they could not at first even name and had never known before; and that out of a nameless and unknown place they could grow and move around in it until its name they knew and called with love, and call it HOME.

One of America's most quoted writers William Arthur Ward said: «A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams». And I fully agree with his opinion. My home is my castle. We all know this phrase from our childhood. In actual fact, we, all human beings have a universal desire to love and to be loved. What a blessing it is to have a loving and peaceful home! What can we do to nurture the sanctuaries of our lives that we call home? Somebody says that the house is the state of mind or that it’s a place where your heart is. Every house like a person has its own face and soul. I cannot but agree that there is nothing half so pleasant as coming home again. Different people have different priorities of finding homes some want a school near their place for the convenience of the kids, some wants basic amenities at their disposal or some prefers the best and approachable public transport. Probably, a lot of people think about their houses, where they want to live happily, have a big, lovely family, where they want to feel comfortable. And I realize that in the near future I’ll have to worry about my future home. Out of hand my imagination draw the picture of luxurious cottage at the side of the sea with swimming-pull, beautiful garden, expensive furniture. Such houses cost the earth! I close my eyes and find myself in this fairy-tale. A lot of people want their house to be out of the ordinary, be adequate for modern needs, someone desires their houses don’t look behind the times, not to be cut and dry. Tastes are different. As for me, for the time being I haven’t got the slightest idea about my future house. But I cherish the dream that warmth and comfort will reign in my house. I...
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