My Holocaust Response

Topics: Human, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, 2006 singles, Education, Teacher / Pages: 2 (288 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 1999
In a time and place where unity of all persons is taught as an essential for the future of our world, it's almost unfeasible to grasp the horror of the Holocaust. Our country is sold upon the notion today that all men truly were created equal. Unfortunately there are some people in this world who still believe that to be a mere opinion. However, with today's teaching and tools, I believe we are effectively working tords eliminating narrow-minded thinking.
<br>Learning about the Holocaust has helped me to understand that human beings are capable of unthinkable hate. Although it can be argued that the peoples involvement in the events of the Holocaust were based solely on influenced thinking, I find it hard to believe anyone is capable of such heinous crimes without some intent. Seeing and hearing the stories of surviver's experiences broke my heart. Hearing the hurt in there voices and the fear in their eyes as they painfuly recaped moment after moment, was almost to much for me to bare.
<br>I have become aware that there are still active groups today that believe in a superior race, just as Hitler did. Hate is still alive today in the hearts of many humans, and unless we continue to teach the lessons we have learned from the Holocaust, it will continue to grow and devour any sense of unity we have gained. I feel grateful I was taught such a lesson, and plan on passing it down to generation after generation.
<br>May we never forget those who lost their lives to hate, and those who stood on the threshold of death, only to conquer it in the

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